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Apple Appstore Game - Spinning Plates by Ironsoft Studios
Apple Appstore Game - Form by Ironsoft Studios
Apple Appstore Game - Spinning plates by Ironsoft Studios
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Form is a new and unique puzzle game in which you navigate a ball through an obstacle course from one pipe to the other. Before completing a level, you must first obtain all of the keys to unlock the exit pipe. You are provided with ramps, gravity modifiers, and teleporters which you can position and rotate to guide the ball through each level. Teleport through walls, reverse gravity, and orbit the ball around obstacles. Each level presents a new challenge with multiple solutions--some not so obvious.

Pro Features:

  • True Physics
  • 48 Unique Levels
  • 4 Difficulties
  • Crisp Graphics
  • Great Music
  • Cool Sound FX
  • Game Help / Tutorial

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