Audials Radio: listen to radio broadcast from anywhere

Audials Radio

Audials Radio is a good radio streaming app to listen to radio broadcast from anywhere in the world. It not only lists online stations but those local radio stations that offer their broadcasts online. The wealth of stations is insane (over eighty thousand in my evaluation). With that many stations, it can be a bit overwhelming, however. To help alleviate that stress the app offers many suggestions… By locale, by popular artist or genre, by similar station you’re listening to plus more suggestions. Zapping is a feature to quickly find the best radio station matches based on artists or other stations you are currently listening to.

Audials Radio App

Most of the stations I’ve listened to stream high-quality audio (typically 128kb or higher). If available the station will show their logo art but it’s cooler when it shows the song or artist cover art. I have experienced a few hiccups, however, where the app displayed the wrong artist.

One of the coolest features of the app is how easily you can record music. While listening to a station, tap the Record button and it will start recording, tap Stop when done and it creates an MP3 saved in your music files. You can use another trimming app to fine tune the track later.


Other features allow you to favorite stations, get a list of recently listened to or searched stations, set alarms, toggle equalizer options, plus stream to Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast. I personally wish the user interface were more aesthetically pleasing to match the powerful features.

Audials Radio is pretty cool for finding and streaming radio from anywhere. Great for listening to your favorite local station while traveling. It’s loaded with choice, which can be daunting but there are tools to help with suggestions and discovery. Go to Google Play right now and download it onto your phone.