Spinning Plates


Every major religion has predicted it – the end of the world. Whether it is in 2012, as the Mayans predicted, or tomorrow, most major world religions agree. The end is, clearly, nigh. But what do you do when that momentous, earth-shattering day arrives and you are not one of the lucky few ascending in the rapture, feasting in Valhalla, or purging your soul of its earthly thetans to become clear? Surely those survivors left behind will be overcome with despair and filled with obsessive thoughts of their own demise. None of this is conducive to survival. How, then, can these unlucky survivors clear their thoughts of destruction and develop the stamina and fortitude to repopulate the human race after the apocalypse? Simple. They need a hobby.

To this end Ironsoft Studios has developed the apocalypse hobby preparedness training simulation known colloquially as Spinning Plates. The brave, forward thinking souls at the studio (which is indeed ironclad as well as ironsoft) took into account what debris might be immediately available after such end-time scenarios as nuclear holocaust, dinosaurs, and spontaneous black holes, and compared that list with nostalgia inducing hobbies, and decided that plate spinning would be possible in any eventuality. >

Pro Features:

  • True Physics
  • 48 Unique Levels
  • 4 Difficulties
  • Crisp Graphics
  • Great Music
  • Cool Sound FX
  • Game Help / Tutorial

To make sure all bases are covered, there are three levels. Should survivors find themselves forced to evacuate to the moon or similar, the low gravity moon simulation should be of great help. If the earth remains habitable, the earth gravity simulation level will equip any future mad max wannabe with the tools he needs to stay happily occupied. And finally, should the earth perish in a black hole, those poor souls approaching the event horizon will be able to bide their time spinning plates- but only if they have practiced using the high gravity black hole level. Make sure that you are prepared for your moments of idleness in these dark times. Pick up Spinning Plates today, or decline to prepare at your own risk.